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We work with clients in a variety of different ways, depending on their needs and resources.

To ensure the end solution is a perfect fit, we always recommend that your staff and iFleet Systems work together and we always appoint a project manager to manage the overall project and provide senior managers with regular updates.
A typical document management synchronisation project would be.

  • A nominated employee or team from your company will be assigned the task of identifying the documents and company forms that will be required for replication between the Shore and Fleet.
  • iFleet Systems will agree the specification of the system design and breakdown of the company document system.
  • iFleet will develop the main shore-based system, vessel systems and redesign any documents .
  • Initial testing of shipboard system on the shore-based system.
  • Testing on the vessel system.
  • Approval reached for product rollout.
  • Rollout of system to the fleet.

Outsourced: fully managed

At one end of the spectrum we can become your outsourced vessel IT department, managing and maintaining your vessel systems. Using secure VPN’s means we can diagnose and support desktop or server problems remotely on board your vessels. Our back up services, service level agreements and helpdesk means that we can provide a secure and fit for purpose managed IT service.

Insourced: supporting existing resources

Equally, we can supply, support and backup preconfigured hardware using Dell, Windows Intune, whilst you maintain your business systems on existing platforms on board. Or else, if we have developed new applications for you, we can train your team and offer support as appropriate. In other words we can manage as much or as little as you need us to.

Find out how our products and support can help you manage your IT infrastructure shore side and on board