Cloud Integration

Connecting your business systems together can be a major technical hurdle. Different systems using separate data formats and incompatible architectures have traditionally proved a challenge to integrate.

Often, these systems are buried deep inside corporate networks without connectivity ? exacerbating the problem. The Cloud can provide the solution.

Using Microsoft?s state-of-the-art Cloud computing platform; seamlessly joining the dots without impacting system operation makes connecting and publishing your IT systems more responsive and streamlined.

Using a scalable Cloud platform to integrate your backend systems

Integrating multiple systems together, based on different technologies and different architectures in a secure way can be expensive and technically challenging. Microsoft?s Windows Azure AppFabric delivers the solution.

It allows systems to be seamlessly integrated with security included without any additional software and hardware requirements. It provides a cost effective solution to link together on-premises services and applications located anywhere in the world. It also provides the ability to publish these services to the Cloud, allowing seamless connectivity to customers, partners and suppliers.

iFleet Cloud Integration Services

Security integration

Using online data protection practices and policies that have been developed over 15 years the security behind the delivery of the Microsoft Cloud Services exceeds those normally found in most shipping organizations.

The Cloud hosted solutions are built using a secure development lifecycle that ensures security and privacy is incorporated into services by design, from software development to service operations. This approach results in 5 different layers of security – data, application, host, network and physical.

In addition to security the services are proactively monitored to help identify potential threats, and also monitored for irregular events that may indicate faults. Microsoft and iFleet Systems restricts production server access to a short list of critical operations personnel.


Using the latest Microsoft services to provide messaging, document management and data access, iFleet Systems specialise in deploying mission critical communications such as email, instant messaging, document management and telephony in to the cloud.

When utilising our cloud hosted solutions the customers retains all rights, title and interest in the Microsoft data stores.

Data backup

iFleet systems provide a cloud based data backup service that is combined with the strictest and toughest of security measures.

Daily backups are performed without the need for human intervention, and only the work done that day needs to be backed up as the rest is already saved from the initial backup.

Should the worst happen and you experience a disaster that wipes out all of your data in the office or remote laptops, data recovery from the remote server is equally as quick and simple to restore; and what?s more, this restoration can be done anywhere in the world at any time.

The benefits of online data backup are vast, and with cost effective rates, iFleet Systems really is the perfect solution for your data storage.

Data synchronisation between systems in disparate locations

Synchronising data between different systems in different locations can prove difficult. Microsoft?s SQL Data Sync and SQL Azure provide the solution. They allow data to be continually and seamlessly replicated between systems for a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.

Because they?re based in the Cloud, there are no expensive licenses or hardware to buy and development times can be slashed

Cloud Email, Messaging and Document Management

Microsoft desktop productivity tools are the clear market leader. Until now, if you wanted the backend components to Office such as Exchange and SharePoint, you had to install and run them yourselves. Instant messaging and web conferencing typically had to be procured and deployed separately and your users were forced to use desktop versions of the Office suite.

Using Cloud-based productivity tools means you can radically reduce your IT delivery costs by moving away from an upfront cost plus maintenance to a single, low, per user per month cost. With Exchange Online costs starting at a little over ?1 per user and the complete Office 365 suite as low as ?4, the costs are persuasive.