Don?t waste your time with data backup

The thankless task of backing up data every day ? it?s not a job that is appealing or interesting in any way, but it?s one of those jobs that has to be done; and if you?re really honest, does it actually get done as often as it should? At the end of a long, stressful day at the office, is it the one job that is forgotten about or ?can wait until tomorrow?? And what about the storage of these backup files ? many businesses make the mistake of storing them on-site so they?re easily accessible, but what happens if there?s a fire or flood, for example, and everything is destroyed? The backup process has then become pointless as it?s all gone up in flames or been swept away, and you?re left with nothing.

If you are one of the many businesses that still backup your own data and you can relate to these issues, it?s time you were introduced to the world of online data backup. It?s a simple, stress-free process that resolves all of the issues mentioned above without the need of human intervention or fiddly, confusing software, and the data is held off-site on a remote server for complete peace of mind.

Sounds appealing, but what about the security levels you?re probably thinking (and quite rightly so), and how do I get started? There are a number of companies on the market that offer this service, but with iFleet Systems, you?ll receive a quality of service that is second-to-none, combined with the strictest and toughest of security measures.

Initially, your machine will require the installation of a small piece of backup software, after which you can backup your data to a local storage device and schedule online backup to our servers located in our secure UK data centre. Before this happens, however, the data is compressed and encrypted so that it is unreadable, ensuring the most secure levels of data protection.

Daily backups are then performed without the need for human intervention, and only the work done that day needs to be backed up as the rest is already saved from the initial backup.

Should the worst happen and you experience a disaster that wipes out all of your data in the office, data recovery from the remote server is equally as quick and simple to restore; and what?s more, this restoration can be done anywhere in the world at any time, giving you one less thing to worry about in a crisis!

The benefits of online data backup are vast, and at a cost of ?20 per month for 5Gb of storage space, iFleet Systems really is the perfect solution for your data storage.